Athene's Theory of Everything

I have to say Athene's theory on everything is deep stuff.
You know what they say the next revolution will be online; if it is i`m glad i`ll be here to see it :)

And you have to like the sound of "time is moving backwards" and "God is in the neurons" !

bottom line : c= h f

Need extra explanations? there  is a live stream of the author (Chiren) explaining things

It might not be trolololo after all...hmmm :P but i did spot some net neutrality in there


  1. Unfortunately, I don't have time to watch a 50 minute video right now. I'm going to bookmark this one for later. Thanks!

  2. Pretty dam deep right there.

  3. I remember seeing on some news show like 20/20 or Dateline something about this guy who supposedly had the highest iq in the world who was working on a "theory of everything." Anyway, looks like a really interesting video, I am going to watch it as soon as I get a chance.