surprising and unpredictable

Imagine being the person who invented those ideas.

I wonder when is the first time when these two ideas were used.
Was something so much out of it`s place that it needed to be defined. 
That means it must have been something new and unprecedented.
If i think of it like this, the idea of evolution strikes me.
Because evolution is in a deep relationship with new things

So from here on i see the duality of every idea out there and how the concept of evolving is not clearly defined in a why to make you think that it`s only a new thing.

Did you ever think of evolution as a BAD thing ?
We think of it as a good thing :D because that's how most people see the world; good or bad.
I ofen try to explain things; and i see most people using arguments, and somehow i came to the conclusion that arguments don`t convince people.
Perspective is one of the keys i have learned to use some time ago.

Show people how you see things and they will understand. But that is the hard thing and yet i see every little thing doing it`s best to communicate and to show you a diferent perspective. Starting with the flower that changes it`s color to show the bee where it is,  to a wink from a girl that`s obviously into me; this all make me think:
It's all a matter of perspective!

So coming back to the idea at hand the feeling associated to something surprising and unpredictable is probably different to every one of us. So the way i see something surprising is different  from the way you see it, and probably different from any other way. Each one of us probably has a diferent feeling associated to the feeling of being surprised or the feeling when we get if we see somethng unpredictable.
So if we all see thing diferently, then the way i see thinkgs is something I invented myself.
And that goes for all of us, we all see thing in different ways. Ways that we ourselves invented for ourselves.
Sooooooo if you look at it like this then ...

You are actually the one who invented  the idea of surprising and unpredictable.

Quite fascinating I think.

Now imagine that you only read the first line of this post and not the whole thing.
See what i did there ? ;)

Also i`m sure you cannot see this from my perspective :)

And all these thought came to me while i was thiking  "iar dau un sfat, vezi, cateodata aberez..." ;)

tl;dr: just saving the world don't worry ... ;)

Also I found this nice AMV i`m sure you`ll like it!


  1. Interesting writing. We do each invent our own definition of what surprising and unpredictable means. I'd like to hear more of what's in your head

  2. lol at the tl;dr version.

  3. the article was surely surprising, a lot of different topics out there but good to see some original thoughts :)

  4. Enstein said that imagination is greater then knowledge 'cos knoledge is limited but imagination it si not.So i can imagine, and in this space, in this universe, are my ruls, but on this universe;Evolution can t be bad, if it is then its not evolution is involution, and if its real bad then it's extinction. I think evolution it s not a choice it s a process, and those who live to see it, can say they evolved. Good and bad there is allways a matter of perspective, i think what matters is intention. Briefly said i disagree with u but my arguments don t stand in your imagination, or they do?

  5. Very fascinating ideas.

  6. I agree with Lone, hmmm.....

  7. Mmh, that is Rumanian? I went crazy to translate it >.<
    Great Point of View (yours one :P), I totally agree with you; and tha AMW? It's very nostalgic.

  8. Very interesting, keep it up!

  9. That's pretty deep. I have to wonder what was so surprising that it defined the word.

  10. such a great read! love ur blog :)

  11. one of my greatests posts yet :P