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Take it and show it to a friend, go go now you can do it !
Eveytime you do, you make someone smile !! :)

Me and a few firend of mine started working on a new project :)
And i wanted to show it to the world.
So steal this page and show the lovely clip to everyone
Eveytime you do, you make someone smile !! :)

Basicly what we are doing is challenging people to write something on a specific topic and we are giving out a special prize to the winner at the end of the month.

We even have a promo clip for it, i`m sure you will love it.
(translation  below)

"In a grey world and shackled by matter"
"Is there still honor ?"
"Is there still imagination ?"
"Are there still heroes ?"
"With the power to call things as they are"
"With the power to dream and create"
"Reborn from the ashes of ephemeral egoes"
"They are fighting agains the delay of time"
"only on"

Hope you liked it!

On a sidenote: everyone is talking bout SEO lately and not enough about Kung-Fu
What is up with that !!


  1. Nicely done promo - even though I don't know any .ro

  2. That fat guy is incredible :)

    Who does the voice belong to?

  3. Great clip. check my newest article, let me know what you think about the picture. That's the power of unspoken word right there.

  4. the hero is awesome indeed!