Truth seekers indeed

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones both have brilliant ideas and are true explorers. 
Here they are going head to head in a great interview: 

To see the cage is to leave it

Start thinking about the real things. Every second you exist you should consider the moment.
Sit back, relax and listen to this playlist for greater glory:

My mind is made up don't confuse me with facts ~50 minutes

I'm making a list

I will not check my list twice :) however here's a sneak peak of what I am building :) - One hour and a half of it:

Tread softly

The illusions we create is the reality you so greatly relish in. Speech is the tool you use to make it happen, the idea of transmitting information, it is one of the primary forces you manipulate to exist.
This is like nothing in reality, it is merely and idea it cannot be represented in existence. It is a circular tool like all the others you use, embedded, unmovable.  It must pass the validity test you impose on everything in order to accept it in reality, and it does.
Anything you do becomes part of everything; the idea of everything is a baseline for ideas - a neutral point the absolute "nothing of it all" :)
So when you talk you lure people in your reality, and anything is possible.
Point your finger at my pride and learn what wrath is!



 For those who can read between the lines - Onward to victory !