Human Nature

I was talking to a friend, and we had a bit of an argument :)
The topic was wheather human relations were more important then individual genius.
I can`t say we reached a conclusion unfortunately :(
             Let`s just say we agreed to disagree.

And while we had this lovely talk i heard this song 3 times :)

Also she asked me not to relate our lovely "debate" with Rihanna :) trololololo


  1. Human relations more important than a genius?

    Didn't quite get it.

    Think she just wanted you to tell her she's the only girl in the world :P. That or make it last all night.

    Think you went for the all night version :P

  2. Oh dear god, it's not even comparable on some levels..

  3. relationships are more important i think..because with no friends you can find yourself in bed condition once in time..

    if i get it right your question

  4. I think ideally there should be a balance. But realistically individuals often have more of one trait than the other.

    Which one is more important? I think social skills are more valuable. You don't need to be a genius if you know several of them.

  5. Both are probably important