Anti-human captcha

By now every one of us has been tested by the Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. aka CAPTCHA
Whatever we do, sign up for some newsletter, start a new account, comment...and all those things, we are mostly going to be tested by the might captcha.

Let me give you a few examples of anti-human captcha 

This one is just plain wrong, no human can actually tell what is says 

I guess the sum of an "s" function when "i" equals zero is not that hard to figure out ...

Perhaps this was meant as a joke or for some Astor-physicist sign up form, this is actually one of the few good examples i can think of

As you may know reCAPTCHA is one of the most used services around and they have a very good system set in place. 
They give you 2 words and this system only knows one of them, the other is scanned from a book or take from somewhere else; so what happens is you define new words for the system every time you use it. 
The thing is you can tell most of the time what word is the one the system knows, and if you input something different for the second one you won`t get penalised 

Here's how a normal example looks like

And here you can see a captcha designed specifically  to counter real humans :(

what is that ?
 words taken from a book drenched in water maybe ?

Of course there are many other types of captcha out there , we all know the "what`s 6+5" kind of questions or "witch one of these is a tree" ..

To be honest i don`t like captcha at all !

Originally it was designed to stop spamming, but guess what, spammers are the only ones that are not really affected by this.

They came up will all kind of methods to counter this, some more ingenious than others, but that is another story.

I have to say I'm looking forward to the day we don`t have to input something to verify we are human. 

And because i`m feeling motivational today I`ll leave you with this

Think about it !


  1. i feel you :D i hate them too, you have find some great examples of f* up capatchas

  2. Captcha depends on where it's used. For bank security, I can see it's advantage in gaining access to an account, but it should be used in conjunction with other security features. Unless you have a really large message board or lots of comments, captcha can be really annoying.

  3. Of course, recaptcha is quite... exploitable ;D

  4. I have to agree, they are a pain in the ass.

  5. I loved the maths captcha - made me lol

    I usually just leave when a captcha comes up. Life is way too short for that crap.

  6. The correct answer is, of course: homework. (I have no idea if it works for that captcha but I guess it may be worth a try, because the question seem to me pretty typical in taht it addresses the issue of competency.)